Out the Rabbit Hole

Darkness and light lies all around us. It’s just matter of choosing which one to focus on.

Life is just a constant crunch. Waking up, polishing oneself up and heading out the door for the daily, unforgiving grind to earn that loaf of bread at any cost, your own well-being be damned.

But should it? Who else to keep you going, keep you breathing, and keep you alive… than yourself? Forgetting this aspect can lead into some seriously rough waters… or down the Rabbit Hole.

This hole starts by piling up what you thought you could carry on your back, forming these seemingly-impenetrable walls. The very building materials stemming from personal frustration, negative events in your life such as loss of a close one or loss of a job. When the cacophony of negativity eventually settles down, all you hear back from your own consciousness is “No.” and “You Can’t.”

So what happens next? Nothing, because nothing is worth trying anymore – things look “impossible” and “stupid” and suddenly, every small hill becomes a massive mountain. Truth is, at the end of the day, if you say “I can’t” then you really can’t. Nothing else at this point feeds the Rabbit Hole other than yourself.

Yet, this is where the most important step comes in: realizing the Rabbit Hole is not in fact a hole, but a loop. Negative thoughts function in infinite loops; they start, wreak havoc through your mind, and then return to spin at you again. These loops can, surprisingly, be interrupted by the simplest thing; going out for a walk, chatting with your close friend or partner, playing a game, reading a book, or tossing a ball around. Any number of things you can do that can take you far, far away from sulking.

Is it easy? Hell no. Some do self-reflection in the dark like it’s a damn sport. Because it’s a lot easier not to do anything about it. Real self-care takes time and effort, and at one point, you’ll realize those loops don’t need to control your life.

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