The Friend, The Enemy & the Battle Within

We always hear the saying, “life goes on” – but who’s behind the wheel? Who’s driving? Who’s steering the ship? It’s so often that we feel we’re in for the ride; that someone else is driving and we’re just a passenger, looking out the rear window, hoping we’ll get home.

The answer is simple. We are driving. We are behind the wheel. We’re steering that ship; whether it’s towards a sunny shore, or towards a maelstrom. By that same notion, we are our best friend, and our worst enemy. We have the power – literally – to empower and defeat ourselves; to climb over that wall or just let ourselves fall right back down where we started. In times of uncertainty, in times of great pain and suffering, in times of fear and sadness, both the friend and enemy come knocking at our door; but which one do we answer first?

It does, after all, make a difference. Whoever we choose to listen to (the friend or the enemy) it intimately connects to our need to control what happens in our lives; without it, we feel helpless; lost, like a piece of wood floating downriver. As we sit patiently, we stare towards that unknown horizon and wonder; will death come rolling in? Will the trumpets of victory echo down from the valleys?

The friend says, behind every mountain lies another world, but the enemy says, behind every mountain lies yet another, bigger mountain. Which would you believe? Only one will take you further.

Well, we don’t always get an answer. Sometimes it’s a painful waiting game in which our fate lies in the hands of a higher power, be it human or divine. It’s during this period that we’re faced with the challenge of choosing the friend or the enemy within ourselves. The two entities couldn’t be more polarized: the friend is warm and encouraging, saying everything will be okay, everything work out. On the other end, the enemy is discouraging, dark, negative; the enemy tells you that you will not make it over that hill, and that doom lies just on the other side.

As hard as it is, we have to keep the enemy at bay. The enemy’s sole purpose is to instill fear, to make you feel defeated before the final outcome presents itself. Whatever happens in the end, we must embrace our friend if we are to stay sane. Sometimes, our inner friend is all we have to keep us alive; all we have to do is let them in, and hear them out. Their words of wisdom do us good; they keep our spirits up just high enough to keep us going, to keep us breathing.

Find your inner friend, and keep them close, because no matter what comes over that horizon, you will be ready to face it.

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