I love design. It shapes our world in ways we don’t think about, from signage, to pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, you name it. It’s all a concoction of colour, imagery, photography (sometimes) and written messages to either inform us, caution us, even inspire us. Here are some highlights of my own.

StudentAid BC

I created a series of promotional pamphlets for StudentAid BC with the intention to be more visual and captivating than other versions. The new design made information more digestible and appealing to the eye while still helping students navigate the StudentAid BC portal. A similar poster in the same vein was created, albeit with the mission to announce the elimination of student loan interest in British Columbia.

BC Public Service

Two projects I did for the BC Public Service. One is a mock-up poster for an annual employee pizza picnic, and the other is a communications plan for employees that is more visually-oriented. I used respective colours and fonts to match.

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View PDF (Comm Plan)

Slegg Pro Show

This was the main poster for the 2019 Slegg Pro Show which was distributed to more than 5,000 contractors across Vancouver Island.

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Slegg Savings Newsletters

This newsletter went out twice a month to customers presenting the hottest deals. Its design and layout evolved over time as I changed fonts, backgrounds and colours to make it more relevant.

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Pearson College Flyer

I did this as a prototype newsletter for Pearson College with the idea of promoting monthly events and keeping everyone informed of activities at the campus. All photography and editorial content was also provided by me.

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Maintenance Manual Mockup

I’m very fascinated with technical manuals and mechanical diagrams; there’s something about their design that feels industrial, confident and precise.

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Surf Shop Mockup

Surf shops are kind of known for their rugged appeal and attractive themes, bordering on tropical and exotic places, so I wanted to experiment a bit with this concept.

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Car Show Mockup

I’ve been to more classic car shows than I can count, but I always know the ones that are the best of the best, mostly because their posters and signage is so professional.

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Travel Poster Mockup

This one came to me as I was watching the classic sci-fi anime, Cowboy Bebop which presents a believable future in today’s context. I went for simplicity, playing around with different fonts and colours on a similar washed out background. As a huge sci-fi fan, I desperately hope this to be real one day.

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